Bassnectar at the Sokol

I’ve seen Bassnectar about six times but I was still excited to see him this time.  Last year he played at the Slowdown, but this year he moved things over to the Sokol Auditorium.  Wow!  What an amazing time!  Bassnecatar played mostly new tracks, and I’m not going to lie I don’t have his new album yet so everything was new to me.  I think he went a little soft on this album and a little bit more poppy, but I really enjoyed it.  I love the samples he used from The Far East Movement and Kanye West.

One thing I love about Bassnectar is that he has flawless transitions ALL of the time.  I also love his crew.  For a while I decided to stand behind the director of screen coordination and was very impressed at his skill and ability to switch from screens to screens while playing a synth.  Yes, when Bassnectar switches songs sometimes that synth noise you hear is a man playing a synth.

The crowd was amazing at the show!  Very energetic as always.

I brought some friends to the show that had no idea what Bassnecatar was or what they were getting into.  It was very funny to see them just stare at all the people.  Bassnectar has the ability to bring out a wide range of artists.  There were frats guys, hippies and 40 year old married couples.  I loved it!  I love how music can bring people together.

If you were at the show and have some pictures to upload you should email them to me.

And thank you Sokol for knowing that there would be a long line for the toilets.  I highly applaud you for renting port-a-potties!