My name is Super Nova and I am a Senior at Creighton University.  I’m a Journalism and Mass Communications major  with a history minor, and I really love music.  Honestly, if the band I was in had decided to tour the country after high school and say fuck off to college, I’d be in a hippie van traveling around the 48 continental states with nothing but a dream, but I had to go to school and I graduate in May!

Omaha is known for its music scene, but there are always bands that have never been heard of.  This blog is to get some up-and-coming acts some recognition that they deserve.  There will also be links to venues, songs, artist’s pages, and anything that is relevant to the Underground Indie Omaha scene.  I hope to inform you about shows, events, and stuff that sounds fun.  I will also be writing about local and national bands from time-to-time that play in Omaha!



  1. HI–

    I have a client performing in Omaha and wanted to see if you wanted to blog about her coming to town…


    Laura Ackermann

    • I’ll pass, I don’t really listen to country music.

  2. hey there
    I’m a graduate student doing a MA thesis on Omaha’s music scene and how people in and around the scene perceive it- if you have any time and would be willing to just write me an email- I think your comments would be really helpful . Basically, what is your overview about the omaha music scene in terms of – the musicians – is it competitive? laid back? Are bands moving there because of the Saddle Creek stuff and has it affected the scene in a good/bad way that the label is in Omaha and getting media attention etc. ? You can feel free to tell me anything else, as I won’t use your name – just asking some journalists and musicians/fans etc. in the indie scene there – to give me a view of how various people see the scene itself and if the attention on Omaha’s music is a good thing or how it’s changed, etc.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Well, where to begin. The scene in Omaha is very laid back. Most of the bands all support each other and want to see each other succeed. There’s acutally a really great DVD that you may want to checkout. It’s called a night with Saddle Creek. You can find it online or at Best Buy. I’m not sure if you’re from Omaha, but if you aren’t there’s this house called Hotel Frank located on 38th and Farnam. Many “famous” Omaha bands have lived here and collaborated with one another. The Faint, The Goodlife, Capgun Coup and many more bands have all called this house home because of the cheap rent that allows them to work very minimially and be able to practice. I really can’t say that the scene is competitive at all. Most of the musicians just want to have fun and do what they love, which is very refreshing compared to other places that I’ve lived. I was recently in St. Louis checking out some bands, and ran into a lot of bands that wanted to know everything about Omaha. They even were asking me if they should move to Omaha for it’s music scene. What a lot of people like about the Omaha music scene is that everyone in the bands are down to Earth, you can talk to them like normal people and they don’t snub you. I feel that Saddle Creek has affected the music scene in a negative and positive way. Right now, everyone knows about Omaha for Saddle Creek, but we all don’t like Conor O’berst. I feel that Omaha is judged as the Indie capital of the music scene. But there is so much more music that is being hidden under an umbrage. We have a huge techno scene that is starting to emerge and breathe new life into the music scene. If you have any other questions let me know.

      • Hey thanks so much … what you said is truly helpful in making “real” a story that is often just portrayed in sound bites and interviews. I hope to show this kind of compiexity in how omaha musicians and those involved day to day interpret what’s really going on – so thanks for your input. I am excited to think about all the other music going on that people don’t know about in Omaha – and that’s one thing that- as an “outsider” to the scene, I think will come through in many ways in my study overall… anyhow – i’m glad you took the time to send this. thanks a lot.

      • I have seen the DVD but forgot about it since it was a while ago now so thanks for reminding me! also – the info about HOTEL FRANK is great. just reading a bit about it now – since i’m not from omaha but have come down to check it out and hear shows etc.

        one more question is- can you tell me about slowdown and if that’s, in your opinion, making a difference in the scene or it is a “significant” venue for the local bands to get exposure – and kind of bolster the scene in any way? any other stuff you can say about venues or people that have been crucial parts of the scene would be great. i’m aware of the 1% production guys and homers,mike mogis, etc. but there are probably others e.g. journalists, studio people etc.

        no pressure to write back – only if you have time and want to.
        thanks a lot. great info.

  3. Hello were a metal band from sidney nebraska, and because of our location in the state we are forced to play mostly out of state in the Denver metro areas and in Cheyenne Wyoming. Basically the point of my comment is to ask about other venues and places to play in nebraska. we are in the process of planning a small tour to head east through nebraska and back down through Kansas and home. I dont know if this is the appropriate site to ask for help on but any help given would be helpful thanks

    • Try to book a gig at the Slowdown in Omaha and at the Bourbon in Lincoln. If you want a great place in Kansas City or in Lawerence book at the Bottleneck. Good Luck!
      (Don’t book with the Waiting Room in Omaha; they have rude staff members. And sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been swamped with stuff this semester. Send me some of your music, I’ll post a blog.)

  4. Hey!

    My name’s Odette with Those Darlins, a band originating from Murfreesboro, TN. They just came out with their new 7″ (NightJogger and Funstix Party) and are currently headlining a tour hitting Omaha, NE on September 28 and Lincoln, NE on the 29th. Just wanted to see if there’s anywhere I can send you more information about listening to the tracks and maybe spreading the word if you like what you hear. Feel free to email odettekasab@gmail.com and I’d be more than happy to shoot over the promo pitch with more details.



  5. Do you play an instrument yourself or are you a singer for the band you were in before college?

  6. I play tons of instruments:

    I’m not a great singer.

    • Once a week for a couple hours a day, I volunteer my time at the radio station at UNO Maverick Radio. I have been getting people to come in and play music live in the studio. Would you be interested in doing some guitar? If not, do you know of any local bands that are in town and may be interested in playing some acoustic music?

      • I know that some friends of mine would love to. I’ll get in contact with them and will let you know. What kind of music do you prefer? Rock, punk, ska, etc….?

      • I’m good with anything, even off the wall stuff like electronic and techno, so far, I’ve had people come in and play some rock, and one guy brought in his dj equipment and played some techno.

      • Well, my friend Sam Houser has some great off the wall screamo rock music that he loves to do things for. Here is a link to his facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/samandthewhale

        My friend Allan has a few awesome punk rock bands that he loves to talk about too: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/allan.schleich

        and one of my personal favorite indie acoustic guys in town is Adam Robert Haug: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=571123295

        I’ll let them know that you are interested and then you can shoot them a line on facebook to set something up. I’m positive one of them will be more than willing to stop by and they are very talented musicians with a lot of personality.

      • Thanks! I’ll get in touch with these guys soon!

      • Ever get into touch with those bands?

      • Unfortunately, I never did. I had a few groups volunteer to come in already and we were good for a little bit, but eventually the radio station started having issues with equipment so that just put a damper on things. When they got back up and running, my time at the station was up. Oh well.

  7. Hey Super Nova! We would love to have you at our show in Omaha, Sept. 28th! Boom Chick is surfy bluesy garage rock. Maybe you will dig? If not, Peace!

    Boom Chick: http://www.boomchickboomchick.com/music.html

    FB invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110964865675378

  8. Hey Super Nova,

    The Dead Ships are a 2 piece garage rock band from LA and we’re
    coming through OMaha Oct 12, headlining the Slowdown with locals, Well Aimed Arrows and Prairies.

    We just put out a new 7″ that we’re supporting as well as heading to NY for CMJ. http://thedeadships.bandcamp.com/album/the-dead-ships-7

    Please give us a listen let us know what you think




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