Bassnectar at the Sokol

I’ve seen Bassnectar about six times but I was still excited to see him this time.  Last year he played at the Slowdown, but this year he moved things over to the Sokol Auditorium.  Wow!  What an amazing time!  Bassnecatar played mostly new tracks, and I’m not going to lie I don’t have his new album yet so everything was new to me.  I think he went a little soft on this album and a little bit more poppy, but I really enjoyed it.  I love the samples he used from The Far East Movement and Kanye West.

One thing I love about Bassnectar is that he has flawless transitions ALL of the time.  I also love his crew.  For a while I decided to stand behind the director of screen coordination and was very impressed at his skill and ability to switch from screens to screens while playing a synth.  Yes, when Bassnectar switches songs sometimes that synth noise you hear is a man playing a synth.

The crowd was amazing at the show!  Very energetic as always.

I brought some friends to the show that had no idea what Bassnecatar was or what they were getting into.  It was very funny to see them just stare at all the people.  Bassnectar has the ability to bring out a wide range of artists.  There were frats guys, hippies and 40 year old married couples.  I loved it!  I love how music can bring people together.

If you were at the show and have some pictures to upload you should email them to me.

And thank you Sokol for knowing that there would be a long line for the toilets.  I highly applaud you for renting port-a-potties!



Glassjaw? Who is that? What is that?  Is it a man, monster, myth, legend?  Well obviously it’s all of the above.  I’ve been a huge fan of Glassjaw for years and shit myself when I found out that they had a show scheduled for none other than the Sokol Underground (everyone’s old stomping ground).  It was an awesome show.  There’s really not much more that I can say.  I was excited to be back at the Sokol Underground listening to a band that I loved from years ago.  It was very nostalgic.

(Will post pictures soon)

Coyote Bones

I haven’t seen or heard much from this band for a long while, but I still love them.  Coyote Bones started in 2006 and has been road tripping since.  This band had originally formed to see friends and place music for them.  Coyote Bones then turned into a full fledged band that’s been recording and touring ever since. Their sounds are/were always evolving, the live show just kept getting better and better, and then they disappeared.  I feel the need to feature them because I miss seeing them live.  Their shows and music are very heartfelt, and they are the nicest people in the world.  I wonder where they vanished to?
Some bands that have influenced their sound are, of course, The Faint, Tilly and the Wall and other favorite locals such as Connor Oberst.
As far as I know they have no new shows coming up and I couldn’t even tell you the band members names because I can’t find any information about them anywhere.  If you know anything about them, send me a comment.
So checkout their videos and dance!:

Eagle Seagull

So it just snowed in Omaha, and I’m not digging it.  Now I can’t drive my Corvette down the street at 100 mph with the wind in my hair and Eagle Seagull on the radio.  I guess I could never do that, but that’s besides the point.  Eagle Seagull is the kind of band that you would listen to while cruising around on a warm summer night or while you’re hanging out with some good friends and talking about nothing.  They are just so soothing and relaxing, kind of like the Omaha Symphony.  I never really listen to their lyrics because I frankly can’t understand the lead singer, but I love their instrumentals.  I always think bands are amazing when I focus on theirs instrumentals first and then their lyrics. Sometimes I feel that the lead singer isn’t actually saying anything, but that he’s just using his voice as an instrument.  I’ve never actually had the chance to see Eagle Seagull live, but I would love to if I could.
The band consists of:

  • Eli Mardock – vocals, keys, guitar
  • Austin Skiles – guitar, bass
  • J.J. Idt – guitar, bass, keys
  • Mike Overfield – bass, synth
  • Britt Hayes – drums
  • Carrie Butler – violin, keys, vocals

Checkout their live music videos if you’re like me and haven’t had a chance to see them live:

The Show Is The Rainbow

So let’s say your family has one of those uncles.  Yes, the one that’s creepy and no one talks to.  Well, that would be the Show Is The Rainbow.  Darren Keen, who is The Show Is The Rainbow, brings creepy humor to his odd rap music.  I’m not sure if you can call it music, but maybe a dramatic rap/music/video/opera/skit/porno.  I have no idea what to call it, but some people like it.
The first time I saw The Show is The Rainbow I had to walk out of the room and ask myself if life was real because what happened on that stage was mind shattering.  Darren Keen has odd music videos that accompany him with his sets.  These videos are interactions with himself during the show, so he’s basically talking to himself.  After listening to his music, you either love him or hate him.  But the one thing you know is that you just saw him naked on the stage.  His music might be weird, have no point and consist of talentless instrumentals, but Darren puts on an amazing live show.  And because he is such a great performer, this Lincolnite has gained international fame.

For tour information checkout his MySpace: The Show Is The Rainbow

Adam Robert Haug

You’ve probably never heard of Adam Robert Haug, but that won’t be the case for long.  Haug is an up-and-coming solo artist that has recently moved to Omaha and exploded onto the music scene.  By combining electric loop pedals and folk guitar, his unique voice just carries you away to another world.  I honestly can’t say I’ve ever heard a voice like his, it’s magical.  While you’re listening to him you can just close your eyes and drift off to your own little happy place, something that not many bands, or solo artists for that matter, can do.

I really love how Haug uses loop pedals.  A loop pedal enables the artist to record something while he/she is playing the song live and then have immediate feedback. This pedal can record any sound the artist has created and can then have it keep playing while the artist continues to play something else over the previously recorded sound.  Depending on what type of loop pedal the artist uses, he/she can get multiple layers of sounds, and can therefore have a multitude of sounds being made at the same time, creating a full-band sound or more than one voice at the same time.

I also love how his lyrics are so real.  You can tell that he’s singing about things that have happened in his life, the lessons he’s learned and the love that he’s had, because there is actual feeling in his voice.  He also writes about the “legendary” Hotel Frank and other things that you might know about in Omaha.

If you’re looking for some places to see this unsigned artist then check out his MySpace for upcoming shows. You can also listen to many of his songs on his MySpace.

I wish there were some more music videos, but definitely checkout his MySpace and listen to the recordings.  I recommend “Are You Coming Down Adam” and “I Break My Own Heart”, but my favorite is probably “A Goh Ghost”.

The Goodlife

My favorite band of all time is The Goodlife, and  since life isn’t that awesome right now, I’ve been listening to way too much of them.  They are awesome, purely, insanely, and beautifully talented musical geniuses.  If I’m ever feeling down, pissed off, or over-joyously happy, this is the band that I listen to.  However, I can only listen to The Goodlife when I’m emotionally distraught or ecstatic.  I think that this is because the lyrics are so heart-wrenching, displaying mixed emotions with vicious, heart-battering detail.  I guess I can relate to the lyrics when I’m upset and get some kind of twisted joy while listening to them when I’m happy, but who knows.

The Goodlife consists of: Tim Kasher (vocals, guitar), Stefanie Drootin (bass), Roger Lewis (drums, and Ryan Fox (guitar, keys) and are of course signed to the infamous Indie label of Omaha, Saddle Creek.  If you’re a music buff, then you probably know the name Tim Kasher.  After all, he’s the third greatest human being to ever exist (next to Zeus, Stephen Hawking or myself of course) and the lead singer of Cursive.

I really like the idea behind most of The Goodlife’s music.  Tim Kasher has a passion to write, which you can hear in his lyrics, and his music often is written to screen plays that he writes.  The Goodlife’s last album: Help Wanted Nights, is the sound track to Kasher’s most recent screen play, that he happened to just finish in the later part of 2008.

The Goodlife’s music videos are also very entertaining.  I really love how most of them are shot in Omaha, and if you’re from here, you can definitely recognize where they were shooting the music videos.  If you’re also a fellow Creighton student, then checkout Heartbroke because you can see some Creighton “hot spots” such as Ted and Wally’s and Pettit’s Pastry.  I wish I would have seen them filming this music video, because I would have had to of tried to talk myself into a cameo role.

The Goodlife do not often play local shows, but when they do, they are very secretive.  Shows are announced just days, if not hours before stage time and tickets sell quickly.  So seeing them live is a really special treat.

If you can’t or haven’t been able to checkout The Goodlife live, then checkout these live performances of them:
Lovers Need Lawyers (Music Video)
Empty Bed (Music Video)
Poisoned (Skit)
A Little Bit More (Live)
On the Picket Fence (Live)